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What unites German eHealth initiatives, Nordic oil refinery business, and the new iPhone launch in the United States? All are driven by IT solutions created in Nortal Lithuania. Global impact, top-notch technologies and orientation to professional growth make Nortal one of the most desired IT companies to work for in Lithuania. Help us deliver the future. Seamlessly!

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We create impact

We create a real impact for our customers and society. We keep our promises, value initiative, maintain a constructive team environment and get things done. This is what we believe in and what we expect from others. We don’t mind diving into the details and getting our hands dirty. As we have no vendor lock, we have a huge toolbox to choose from.

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We put the team first

Our structure is flat. We are powered by small, highly collaborative development teams dedicated to working cohesively and efficiently. Here, you always have full control over your career mobility and a real impact on projects. Our product development teams are autonomous, providing more significant opportunities for innovation and contribution. We prize teamwork and support each other in delivering the best results for our clients.

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Our culture

We value a culture where promises are kept, initiative is valued and getting things done is prioritized. This is what we believe in and what we expect from others. We approach our work with integrity – doing what we say we’ll do, and operating with transparency and honesty.

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The power of learning and sharing

Our biggest strategic L&D tool is the Learning Hive concept. It’s our global network that supports and nurtures our learning and development practices in all locations. Our Learning Hives are buzzing communities guided by Hive Leads who uplift our experts, create professional and personal growth opportunities, and share best practices.

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We empower you

Nortal is committed to excellence in everything we do, from the technology we use to the people on our teams. We work hard to foster an inclusive environment and a diverse work culture that celebrates our employees. We aim to build and cultivate teams of the best and brightest that reflect various backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Nortal prides itself on a culture that encourages everyone to grow, innovate, and succeed together.

"It is exciting to work at Nortal, because my opinion really matters here, my ideas are carried out and I can see change happen!"
— Gintarė Baliukonytė

Quality Assurance Specialist

It’s my fifth year in Nortal and the thing that most helps me grow as a specialist, as well as a person, is the opportunity to use my own approach and feel that my ideas matter.
— Vaidas Karalevičius

.NET Developer

"I have worked at Nortal for 12 years and there's no better place when it comes to atmosphere and colleagues. It's a great company to grow, use new tools and work on different projects."
— Vytautas Nuobara

Senior Java Developer


What we offer

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Investing in learning and development

Nortal invests in growing and developing people of all levels, with the freedom to choose and execute your strengths and create the path you like the most. We value learning and sharing through our Learning Hives.

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Challenging opportunities

Apply your skills to build solutions to real-world problems, impacting the people around you directly. For us, it’s more than just business – we want to help optimize the world and create value on a large-scale societal level.

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Career that matches your ambition

Choose your adventure in Nortal’s expanding ecosystem, as we favor your internal career opportunities in all directions. We believe we are just the right-sized company – big enough for meaningful impact and small enough to care about your purpose.

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Global network of local companies

Within Nortal, you have everything you need in immediate reach regardless of your location. We have offices worldwide – and good people, being part of a local community of global experts, always surrounded you.

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Inspiring environment

We didn’t get here without reason. Throughout its 20+ years of operation, Nortal has built a credible, reliable and stable, yet start-up minded environment for awe-inspiring innovation. You can count on us to stick around and help you benefit from all our experiences along the way.


Let's talk

Skirmantė Patašiūtė

Skirmantė Patašiūtė

Talent Acquisition Lead (Europe)

I love meeting new people and finding the best suitable opportunity for them. Interested in one? Let’s meet and find out what we have to offer for you.
Jurgita Tilingaitė

Jurgita Tilingaitė

Senior Talent Partner

I love to talk to people, listen to them and find out new ideas. I believe we get to know more if we genuinely care about what other people have to say. Let's talk!
Gabrielė Šilo

Gabrielė Šilo

Talent Partner

When I realized I wouldn't get a letter from Hogwarts, I decided to go into IT recruitment and make miracles every day by attracting the most talented people in IT. Is it you? Let's chat!
Nastassia Sitnik

Nastassia Sitnik

Talent Sourcer

I'm responsible for driving the best talent to the Nortal team. I enjoy building relationships and looking for the 'It's a match' feeling. Let's connect!

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