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Nortal Spotlight: Tomas Liaudanskis

by Nortal cloud team, July 26, 2021

For our next employee spotlight, we are interviewing an employee from our European Nortal office! We chatted with Tomas Liaudanskis, a Lead Developer at Nortal’s Lithuania office, about his experience in working with the US in a distributed delivery capacity. Find out what he has to say in the interview below. 

Can you give us a brief overview of your project and the problem you are trying to solve for the client?

“I’m working on a project with a global wireless and technology provider and we are building an eCommerce website for them. Our main goal is to help grow the platform and connect more customers to the client.We are working in distributed teams. My immediate team has one member from Estonia, four people in Lithuania, and two in the U.S., while the entire project has about forty employees total.”

What are some challenges you face with working in a distributed delivery model? What about rewards? 

“The biggest challenge is to create a team environment out of a group of remote employees. Some colleagues you have never met in person while you are collaborating with them daily to understand their working style. The other main challenge is having effective communication. It’s easier to understand each other in person with body language, facial expressions, and being in the same time zone since sometimes you have to wait eight hours for an answer.

On the flip side, these challenges can be rewarding. High-levels of productivity can be achieved in a distributed delivery model because of the number of working hours and the consistent communication that goes through Slack and Teams. Personally, it’s rewarding because I can work and meet people from different cultures. This is my first job in a distributed delivery model and it’s a perfect environment for growth in a professional and personal capacity.”

What are some things you have learned about working with US employees?

“The biggest lesson I have learned is having a positive mindset. I don’t think I’ve seen a US colleague in a bad mood, so now I try to see the best in every situation.”

How has working in a distributed delivery model helped your career grow?

“I have the opportunity to work with professionals from all over the world which has allowed me to see the bigger picture in projects. This environment has also given the opportunity to learn new technologies. Working with other cultures has also taught me how to communicate and collaborate with different types of people, which is very valuable. With COVID, these skills are all really important because the distributed environment is the ‘new normal’ of work.”

What are some cultural differences you’ve noticed in working with your US colleagues?

“I would say sugarcoating is the biggest difference, people in Lithuania like to be direct in communication. People in the US try to avoid giving negative feedback, which isn’t a bad thing but it is something I’ve learned to adjust to.”

What advice would you give to someone working in a distributed delivery model?

“I would advise them to never stop improving the team environment. It’s very easy to become a separate group of freelancers, but you can achieve better results if you share learning points and work together.”

If you’re interested in working at Nortal, visit our careers page. To learn more about Tomas and his background, visit his LinkedIn profile.

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