Webinar: Modern discoverability

by Nortal HQ, May 25, 2020

Tune in for a recap of the TechTalk webinar with Nortal’s Lead Architect Aki Pehkonen who talked about discoverability and why it matters in modern software development. In this session you get new ideas on how to take the next step from infrastructure automation to software process automation and how to keep your documentation in sync with the pace of change.

In this webinar you’ll learn:
  • What is GitOps process and how to use it in process automation.
  • Why declarative configuration is more portable than infrastructure code.
  • How to leverage infrastructure as data to document digital assets.

Aki Pehkonen

Aki Pehkonen

Lead Architect

Aki has worked in the tech field since early 2000 and he has hands-on experience in the architecture, design, and implementation of cloud-native applications, microservice-based architectures and API programs. Aki is continuously seeking better and more efficient ways of building software.

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