Take A Hike! with Phani Rallabhandi

North America Content Team, August 4, 2022

At Nortal, we are not just interested in the top-notch, quality work our team members provide for our business, we care about your day-to-day. Meet Phani Rallabhandi, a Delivery Manager at Nortal, but also an avid hiker. Phani gave us a little sneak peek into what his hobbies look like outside of work.  

How long have you been hiking? What intrigued you in the first place?  

I started hiking in 2015 with a group of friends to challenge myself to get outside more after I had finished a popular bike race in the Pacific Northwest called Seattle to Portland and was itching to do more outdoor activities. A friend who was planning on hiking Camp Muir asked if I wanted to join him – the rest is history! I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I quickly bought some hiking gear and we set off. Despite the weather not cooperating, it was a great experience!

Do you hike alone, or would you prefer to go in a group?  

I always hike with at least one other person! It’s much safer to have someone else with you, but also the company is always welcome.  

Do you hike rain or shine? Is hiking only a summertime hobby for you? 

Despite a hot day or a downpour, it feels amazing to get outside and move your body and connect with friends. I’ll also bike ride, run, or do any other outdoor activities. In the Seattle area, the weather is mild year-round, which makes being outside much easier. In the summertime, I get out every weekend, but in the winter, at least twice a month.  

What is your favorite hike you’ve ever done?  

Too many to choose from! Some notable hikes have been Mailbox, Mt. Si, Camp Muir, and Mt. Baker.

Are there any hikes or walking trails in your local area that you recommend?  

For beginners I would recommend Rattlesnake Ridge, Poo Poo Point, and Franklin Falls! For someone who is more advanced, Mt. Si, Mailbox, Granite Mountain, Tenerife Falls are fantastic!

Any advice for someone who is interested in embarking on a hiking journey?  

Take it slow and enjoy the hike. It isn’t a race to the top. Take your time to soak in all of the beauty that nature has to offer! If you’re in the Seattle area, a good rain jacket and proper boots are a must purchase. Remember to always be well hydrated and fed even if you aren’t hungry. Trust me, your body will thank you later!

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Phani Rallabhandi

Phani Rallabhandi

Delivery Manager, North America

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