JCON 2020: Standardizing microservice development

Nortal HQ, December 16, 2020

Nortal's Partner and Head of Engineering Priit Liivak took the digital stage at JCON-ONLINE 2020 Java community conference and shared his experience in utilizing and distributing developer scripts across numerous microservices with Git Submodules, and uncovered the benefits that came along.

It’s common to give development teams a lot of autonomy to choose their own technologies and processes to follow. With many microservices, this leads to duplication in build scripts and CI configurations that in turn damages maintainability. Priit presents ways to standardize several aspects of microservice development without removing the autonomy from development teams. Over the years he has accumulated experience to unify build scripts, CI configuration, documentation, and monitoring to improve developer productivity.

If you are not familiar with the technique or just want to learn a few new tricks for standardizing development using your developer scripts, this is the talk for you. 



About JCON-ONLINE 2020

JCON is the big international Java community conference. JCON is organized b JAVAPRO – the very first professional magazine for Java which is free of charge – together with the Java User Group Oberpfalz. The 4th edition of JCON was presented as an online conference. All sessions were streamed live and recorded. For more, visit: https://jcon.one/en/ 

Priit Liivak

Priit Liivak

Head of Engineering

Priit Liivak is an experienced software developer, Algorütm podcast host and Nortal developer community leader who is forever on the lookout for new ideas and technologies to improve the developer experience and increase the value for customers.

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