Nortal Summer University 2017

by Nortal HQ, March 3, 2017

Nortal Summer University is back. Our full-time internship program to train the students within IT. Last year the program had over 500 applications. If you're interested in learning and working with the best, take a look at this great summer opportunity.

The Nortal Summer University started off as a truly unique program over 10 years ago; a training program, with a full-time paid internship, it teaches bright students the skills needed to become software specialists, quickly. Over the years, we have improved the program a great deal and interest has grown significantly. This year, we are onboarding Summer University students from five cities in three different countries – Finland, Estonia and Lithuania. The competition is tight since last year we had over 500 applications; and for us, this only proves the quality of the training we are providing.

You can apply to be trained in one of four roles: Java Developer, .NET Developer, Analyst, or QA specialist. However, these roles are very different and we understand that you might not be sure about which path to take. Are you wondering what to do? Have you ever thought about learning to write code? Or maybe becoming a specialist in agile methods and design?


If you…

  • like to envision the future and help others to see it too
  • feel a desire to understand the true needs of people and businesses
  • want to make things clearer, faster and more efficient
  • enjoy being the translator between business and technology
  • shine while presenting your brilliant ideas to a variety of people

…then become an analyst!


If you…

  • are naturally suspicious if something seems too good to be true
  • excel at leading and motivating people to improve anything and everything
  • can skillfully build and share a systematic big picture for other people
  • adeptly probe and ask many questions to research and discover the true essence of things
  • are patient with both error-prone people and programs

…then become a QA specialist!


If you…

  • like creating life-changing systems just out of characters and spaces
  • feel excited about materializing ideas others only dream of
  • seek constant improvement in your programming skills to make magic happen
  • understand the structure and building blocks of IT systems
  • want to take pride in crafting the e-future

…then become a Developer!


Of course, we expect you to work hard, be motivated, learn and grow. The program is mainly for students who have little or no work experience in IT, but a hunger to be the next Sergey Brin.

For those lucky and skilled candidates who successfully complete our application process, the Summer University begins with a fun and eventful training week in Tallinn. Our best and brightest will share their technical knowledge while giving you insight into Nortal’s culture. You will also be given your first contact with our awesome specialist communities. After the first week of introductory training and summer fun in Tallinn, you will be assigned to a team for four months, where you will be working on real projects for actual clients. A fantastic kick-off for your career! You can start out as a developer, analyst or QA specialist. Once you get in, you will have a personal mentor, one of Nortal’s top specialists, who will support you and help you develop your skills along the way. As well, the internship is a real job, which means you will receive a salary from day one.

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