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Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Planning, also called Master Planning, lets you orchestrate the entire supply chain with predictions of future requirements to balance supply and demand.


Supply chain planning quantifies significant processes, parts, and other resources in order to optimize production. It also identifies bottlenecks in production and anticipates needs and completed goods. As a result, its accuracy and viability dramatically affect profitability. The master plan provides a full overview of material flows and insights into future bottlenecks and other issues. It is easier to make decisions with alternative demand scenarios.

Supply chain planning solutions link sales with production. This creates a more stable base to plan budgets and make financial decisions. Your company will have the information it needs to make new orders and schedule shipments. All the while taking all the organizational processes into account. Make all transactions traceable throughout the supply chain. Each company is different and has its own operational strategy. The multitude of moving parts inside and outside the organization should be managed and taken into account when finding the right way to solve the puzzle of how to create a lean and seamless supply chain.



How can Nortal help with Supply Chain Planning?

Our principle is to be transparent in our processes. We do not tie your hands with solutions but iterate together to find the suitable ‘Goldilocks’ supply chain solution to match your industry and your company’s needs. Our vast experience in global logistics and different scales of operations definitely helps avoid pitfalls. Our global partners’ technological solutions are cutting edge, so you can take advantage of all the information your supply chain is producing.



Asprova SCM

Asprova SCM creates the best order allocation by calculating the outputs of the individual plants, the different transport routes and resources as well as the bottlenecks of each factory.

In multi-location production, where the same item moves through upstream and downstream processes in different plants, it can be very difficult to determine the optimal supply chain plan for all resources. Asprova SCM optimizes and coordinates the optimal distribution to logistics centers or end-customers. By using cloud computing environments, this approach aims to dramatically reduce the cost of global SCM systems that previously would have required several hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement.
Read more on Asprova’s site.


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Janne Juola

Janne Juola

Janne is an experienced business consultant with over seven years of experience specializing in production- and supply chain planning. His specialty is solving complex production and business processes that can't be solved using traditional methods.