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Investor blog


Nortal at AI MASTERS

January 24 and 25, Nortal participated in the AI MASTERS, presented by Publicis Media, the world´s third largest Media Network.


When it comes to building effective e-services, Estonia has much to tell the world. Nortal’s message at AI Masters in Berlin is how the expertise behind the world’s leading e-society is ripe for export.

Nortal is responsible for more than one third of Estonia’s e-government disruption and has worked on numerous government projects elsewhere. AI Masters visitors interested in learning how Nortal can help them in e-business are welcome to visit our booth or set-up an individual meeting.


We aim to create societal impact

We work to build a seamless society that stands on three pillars — e-business, e-health and e-government. In each of these areas, we have assisted influential customers in achieving strategic change and building better experiences.

In addition, we have centered our work on seven key concepts, enhanced by the competencies of our Cloud Transformations, Design Lab and Big Data experts. It is within these key concepts that we intend to create global societal impact by working together with governments, healthcare organizations, and businesses.


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Our clients trust us to fix their issues

Would you like to increase qualified leads by 300 percent? We accomplished that for our client, Bisnode, one of Europe’s leading data and analytics providers. Listen to Daniel Nyberg, group marketing technologist at Bisnode, as he describes how Nortal aided the company in solving its marketing operations challenges with perfect synergy.


Less theory, more practice with revenue science

Paolo Andrea Corna, digital sales and marketing automation manager at Svensk Byggtjänst, describes how Nortal helped the company map customer touchpoints and move to data-driven communication.


Lead generation challenges

Hear Klarna´s Erik Hagberg, acquisition manager, discuss how Nortal helped Klarna improve their lead generation and management processes.


Meet the experts

  • Michael Kaehler

    Sen. Consultant Digital Revenue Science at Nortal

    Michael Kaehler is a Senior Consultant, Digital Revenue Science at Nortal. In this role, he examines data concerning current and prospective clients and then develops strategies to support them. Predictive models are built with the data collected in order to enhance the clients’ productivity and seamless experience. His team creates the systems needed to provide Nortal’s clientele with personalized service. Get in touch with him via email or give him a call  at: (+49) 015 25 30 80 950.

  • Jonas Ander

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Arto Lamminen

    Vice President, Revenue Science, Media & Telecom at Nortal

  • Mindaugas Taraila

    Head of eCommerce Delivery at Nortal

  • Titas Abramavičius

    Consultant eCommerce at Nortal


Client behaviour and technology are changing faster than ever. In order to analyze, understand and predict that behaviour, data together with AI and machine learning (ML) is crucial. The problem is that whenever you hear those phrases, it’s usually followed by buzzwords and grand promises.

Jonas Ander  will take a more pragmatic approach and try to avoid buzzwords and talk about AI / ML and it’s usage in a way that you’ll actually understand while Arto Lamminen will present three practical cases in how these technologies can be used in customer service and marketing.

Join the talk on January 24 at 5:05 PM in the room room Almaty. More info HERE.