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Eesti Energia's journey to CRM ecosystem

In past years, Eesti Energia, a company that operates in 20 markets and employs thousands of people, has made a 180-degree change in how they use CRM (customer relationship management) across the organization. As a result, Eesti Energia is now on their way to embracing the full potential of a modern CRM ecosystem.


Gone are the days when CRM was just a sales tool. Today, CRM is a complex ecosystem that creates value across a modern organization. But how to get there? Together with Nortal, Eesti Energia went through significant changes in how they use their CRM. Now, the company has a unified sales process and customer journey flow that work across all of their markets and departments. The transformation was not easy and involved a great deal of effort.

In our latest podcast, Kristina Siil, Eesti Energia’s CRM evangelist, and Juri Dushko, Head of CRM at Nortal, share Eesti Energia’s ongoing evolution and the challenges they face while implementing their digital transformation from Excel to a modern, cloud-based CRM ecosystem.

Hosted by Liis Kängsepp.

  • Juri Dushko

    Partner, Head of CRM and Sales Automation at Nortal

  • Kristina Siil

    CRM expert and project manager at Eesti Energia

  • Liis Kängsepp

    Full-Stack Marketer at Nortal


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Juri Dushko

Juri Dushko

Juri Dushko, Head of CRM and Sales Automation at Nortal, is among the top CRM experts in the world. He is a true trailblazer of modern customer management and marketing. He has worked with a variety of clients of different sizes, and knows the challenges of both small and big companies. He has all the tools to help companies get the best bang for their buck when it comes to CRM, MA and GDPR compliance. Contact him via email.

+372 566 50 103