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Investor blog

Team USA

Masters of code

Seattle, Tallinn, Vilnius – the ocean is no longer an obstacle! We’re heavily invested in the U.S. and committed to assembling the best talents from around the world. Our Seattle office is now hiring developers to work on e-commerce solutions for a major telecom project. Expand your e-commerce domain expertise, become part of our international super-team and launch your career on both sides of the Atlantic.



The power of the team

Why limit yourself to the career opportunities of a single continent? Our Seattle location offers you local work in the U.S. and access to training programs in the EU. You’ll join an international community of like-minded developers in Europe, the U.S. and the Middle East, with access to one of the world’s biggest sandboxes of e-commerce tools and applications.

You know what else is great? Our corporate structure is flat. You always have full control over your career mobility and real impact on projects. Our product development teams are autonomous, providing greater opportunities for creativity, innovation and contribution.

Take ownership of your career. Contact us today to learn more about available positions, our generous health care package and Nortal’s exciting vision for the future.


The way we work

Pride in engineering

A love for clean code. A zest for fun, adventure and new challenges. True pride of craftsmanship. These are the all-too-rare virtues that set you apart. We’re looking for developers and QA specialists who are driven not only by the passion to excel, but by an unshakable belief in quality and efficiency.

If you’re a coding superhero who fights for truth, justice, test-driven development, code reviews and integration/performance/security testing – you may be the engineer we’re looking for. Expand your horizons. Embrace the big-picture view. At Nortal, you’re free to be you.



Nortal Community

As a global software development consultancy, our priority is to keep our small company feel. With teams at HQ and client sites, Nortal strives to build a community of expert engineers. Our developers like to have fun too. From quarterly off-sites to team building events, we prioritize building strong relationships across the organization.



Keeping skills fresh

At Nortal, we take continued education in new technologies seriously. We offer a paid formalized certification program, team Lunch ‘n Learns and the opportunity to keep skills fresh by learning emerging tools and technologies while on the job.



Spurring innovation in the US

We are continuously looking for new ways to create technology solutions, faster. Our certified team of software developers work to incorporate best practices and emerging technologies into their projects. We use many different languages/technologies including Java, Go, Scala, Python, Nodejs, Angular, and React. Nortal offers a unique opportunity to be involved and work across many different platforms and interesting problems.



Build and Deliver Cloud Solutions

Tapping into our U.S. office’s leading-edge experience in automation and continuous delivery in the cloud, we are now proud to launch world-class Cloud Centers of Excellence on the both sides of the Atlantic. Join us in Seattle, Helsinki or Vilnius!


Some of the people you’ll be working with:

  • Krister Lukka

    Delivery Manager

  • Kaarel Raspel

    Team Lead, System Architect

  • Maria Nikoletich

    Recruiter and People Person

  • Mick Sexton

    Java Developer


Live and work in Seattle