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Nortal’s CEO in Swedish media: we don’t try to be best at everything

by Nortal HQ, oktober 4, 2017

With the purchase of the market consulting firm Element last autumn, the IT consulting firm Nortal has succeeded in establishing itself on the Swedish market. Konsultguiden spoke with Nortal’s CEO Priit Alamäe to hear a little about how he views last year’s development. We are happy to bring you the interview in English.

What has happened since Nortal established itself on the Swedish market and what does the strategy look like?
By purchasing Element we strengthened our offer in the field of revenue strategies. Nortal has previously been an expert in Big Data and in assisting customers through different digitization projects, from strategy to implementation. We focus on eight areas where we can make a big difference for our customers and build teams across national borders.
Recently we also established an office in the U.S. where among other things we cooperate with one of the U.S.’s major telecom operators.

What is the aim of your establishment in Sweden?
Nortal has a long experience of working with large Swedish customers like Assa Abloy, Boliden, Swedbank and Telia, to mention a few. With our own Stockholm office and consultants in place, we can work closer with our clients and offer a wider range of services. We are convinced that we can greatly benefit more clients, and we have defined banking and finance as well as the health sector as priority verticals.

How do you view the competition in Sweden within the fields of IT and e-commerce?
There are many talented competitors in Sweden, but their approach to working differs very much from how we handle the process of change.

So, what is the difference between your working methods and those of major consulting companies in Sweden?
We don’t try to be best at everything. We have defined eight areas where we will be best in the world. Many competitors work either with strategy or implementation, but Nortal takes overall responsibility throughout the process of change. We use an agile approach and evaluate each week against the project’s goals. The customer behavior, technology and competition chart is constantly being re-drawn, and those players who are best at making use of the rapid changes will win in the long run.


Priit Alamäe Priit Alamäe Alamäe founded Nortal in 2000 as a 22-year-old visionary. Today the company is a multi-national strategic change and technology company dedicated to bringing about eTransformations in private companies, government agencies and entire societies across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the USA. Under Alamäe’s leadership, Nortal has been the largest contributor to building up the globally recognized e-government of Estonia, and he is a frequent speaker and writer on e-governance reforms. To schedule an interview with Alamäe, get in touch with us via email.