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Investor blog

Nortalist: You get to create things that really matter

by Nortal HQ, december 27, 2017

After seven years at Nortal, Software Specialist Antti Savolainen, is the first to admit: life at Nortal offers enough opportunities for professional metamorphosis to keep people with different needs and interests happy.

For Savolainen, a day at Nortal’s Oulu office may mean meeting with a client to discuss projects or an equally demanding programming session at his desk. During his seven years at Nortal, Savolainen has been involved in several major accounts, but he’s also been on-call 24/7 to keep client systems working 365 days a year.

”Whether you want to work alone or not, it’s entirely up to you. It seems that everyone finds their own role, and no one is forced into a mold here at Nortal,” said Savolainen in an interview with Duunitori. He added that people in the technology sector have to be creative by nature, which means a great workplace has to have freedom.

”Software is always created for a need. At Nortal, you get to create and do things that really matter,” Savolainen said. ”If the goal isn’t clear, it starts to eat at your motivation. At Nortal we have less of this, as everything is planned together with the client.”

We are hiring! To join Savolainen, have a look at our Careers page.


Antti Savolainen

Antti Savolainen

Antti Savolainen, Software Specialist at Nortal, is a visionary builder. He is at home building information systems, mobile apps, services, PoCs, machine vision systems, mobile games, 3D models, diagrams, specifications, encoders, decoders, 3D textures, software documents, time lapse videos, real wooden objects, bug fixes, state machines, 3d animations, scripts and much more. To become Savolainen’s colleague, have a look at our Careers page.