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Neste and Nortal develop a demo for a cutting-edge sustainability portal for raw material suppliers

Nortal HQ, november 7, 2017

Neste has chosen the international ICT company Nortal to develop a demo version of a sustainability portal for raw material suppliers. The objective of the collaboration is to develop a demo version of Neste’s digital platform known as the Supplier Sustainability Portal. This demo will allow Neste’s suppliers to get a sense of the key elements of the system.

The companies aim to have the first raw material suppliers to test the demo version in mid-November 2017. The demo version will enable them to experiment with several functions, such as building their own supplier profile, submitting sustainability and raw material delivery data, and adding supply chain data from raw material suppliers with the aid of a map service. It is also hoped that suppliers will provide feedback on how the system should be further developed, and details of what kinds of features or changes would make their work easier, or create some other kind of added value.

A direct continuation of Hackathon brainstorming

Co-operation with Nortal is a natural continuation of the Hackathon that Neste held in spring 2017. At that event, ten teams from around the world generated ideas for developing and digitizing Neste’s sustainability system for its suppliers. The Hackathon was won by Team Fute, and its members were Thanh Dao, Yuexin Du and Khanh Nguyen. The concept presented by Team Nortal, now selected as an affiliate, received an honorable mention at the Hackathon.

“Neste is exceptional among hackathon organizers in that it has continued active system development based on the ideas presented at the event, specifically with one of the participating teams,” says Nortal’s Project Manager Juha Virko, who participated in Neste’s hackathon. Virko points out that most businesses emphasize the positive visibility given by hackathons and the gathering of new ideas.

“After evaluating the ideas of all the hackathon finalists, we decided to partner up with Nortal. They had just the right kind of special expertise to supplement Neste’s own resources,” says Neste’s CIO Tommi Tuovila.

The sustainability portal for Neste’s raw material suppliers is one of the first of its kind in the biofuels sector. It is a new kind of digital platform for the approval and induction processes of new raw material suppliers, and supports continuous collaboration and communication within Neste, and with its raw material suppliers and other stakeholders. It also ties sustainability even tighter to operational activities. The portal is tailored to Neste’s continually growing renewable products business. It supports the collection, production and crystallization of data, especially within the supply chain, and in future for external stakeholders as well. Neste’s goal is to take the portal into use by the end of 2018.

“With this digital system and the data it enables us to collect and present, we aim to make Neste a clear forerunner in supply chain sustainability and transparency. We also hope to inspire others to follow us on the same path,” summarizes Neste’s Sustainability Specialist Eveliina Vikström who manages the portal development project.

Juha Virko

Juha Virko

Juha Virko, Project Manager at Nortal, has almost 20 years of experience in the technology sector. Virko has worked at both public and private sector organizations dealing with a range of fields including taxation, energy, logistics and manufacturing. He has also been building and coaching a better work environment for years. To find out how he can improve your supply chain, get in touch with him via email.

+358 50 337 3486