Project Management

We orchestrate and take full ownership of digital transformation from strategy to technology, while delivering high-impact high-quality solutions to our clients on time and on budget.


Being part of your transformation

One of the biggest challenges of a large software delivery and digital transformation projects is to keep them efficient and cost effective, while coordinating hundreds of people from different parties and companies, located across the globe from various cultural backgrounds and time-zones. We know how to tackle this situation with a systematic and mature ways of working. We will help you set up efficient and agile large-scale distributed delivery and incepting teams. With cutting-edge delivery management processes (such as Scaled Agile Framework™ or Disciplined Agile ™) and leadership, we equip both customers and partners to be efficient in complex setups.

Nortal is helping put Oman on the global innovation map

Ease of Doing Business

Nortal is helping put Oman on the global innovation map

The Invest Easy portal is a major government project with a goal to transform the way businesses operate and improve local business climate in Oman by spearheading the first true e-government initiative in the country.

Turnkey Partner for Business

We will be your advisor and partner in implementing new business models in the rapidly changing business climate. Large-scale software and digital transformation projects are difficult to direct, monitor and control without applying proper procedures and management practices. Therefore, Nortal project management procedures ensure project governance has enough information and tools to keep the project in scope, budget and schedule. We guarantee high international standards and practices for project management and project quality assurance.


Project Excellence & Assurance

Our project management professionals have extensive experience in assessing project risks and in carrying out root causes analysis of delays, cost overruns and non-compliances according to industries best practices. We will find and identify the often-hidden issues of low project performance, provide a second opinion and support and advise all sides of the engagement with an actionable plan for improvement.


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Andres Raieste

Andres Raieste

Partner and Chief Project Officer

Andres Raieste has conceptualized and executed large-scale digital transformation projects in Europe, Middle East and Africa. He is an expert in team topologies, in building vertically integrated cross-functional teams, managing global distributed delivery, product management and PMOs.