Data protection

With so many mass data breaches making headlines and regulations tightening under GDPR, improving data protection has become a higher priority than ever for everybody who collects, stores and analyzes personal data. But it also opens the door to adopting better business models and services. Nortal can help.


We’ve got this

Nortal helps organizations achieve top-level data protection and GDPR compliance through a combination of IT services, country-specific legal support and change management. Our strategies have been proved to significantly lower operational expenditures while increasing sales and revenue streams.



GDPR is not as scary as you’ve been led to believe. Instead of seeing it as a survival threat, we see it as a great opportunity to turn your compliance costs into investments in new, data-driven business models. With DataRadar, you can find your new competitive edge.

Artur Assor

Artur Assor

Business Area Director, Africa

Artur Assor has been praised for his ability to see the bigger picture and communicate a vision, while at the same time having the capacity to take big projects through change. With more than ten years of experience in the tech industry, he is passionate...