Big Data lifecycle

Optimizing your infrastructure and analytics platform is key to becoming a data-driven organization capable of leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning models.


Collect, Ingest and Store

The first step to data success is building a highly-scalable platform that can seamlessly collect, ingest, categorize and store structured and unstructured data. Your data’s usability and value begins with this foundational process. Without an efficient pipeline, data insights will be ineffective, leading to far-reaching impacts and inefficiencies.

From collecting contrasting data sources into a data lake, to categorizing and optimizing storage for appropriate use, Nortal’s team of experts is here to help you navigate today’s wealth of technology tools to build a highly-automated, consistent, and transparent data ingestion solution custom to your business needs.


Expose, explore and transform

This foundation of actionable data insights hinges on your company’s ability to accurately and efficiently expose, explore and transform data. Accurate and secure data exposure requires sophisticated service and event streams. Once you’re ready to explore and transform data, you’ll need both automated and manual activities to identify, profile, and filter data characteristics to reveal actionable insights.

Building services, event streams and applications capable of securing and exposing Terabytes, Petabytes and one day, Exabytes of data, takes experience. Our team of experts are able to help secure and build services to expose your large data sets.


Aggregate, learn and optimize for AI

Are you preparing your organization for future advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence efforts? Let us help you begin with data training. ML models work by finding and mapping patterns in trained data to provide predictive analytics. Without properly prepared training data, your ML model’s predictions will be inaccurate. Together, we will build application models to train and label your data to take your business closer to fast, scalable innovation.