Empowering people through the virtue of AI

AI is everywhere, helping you, whether you notice it or not – finding you the best route through traffic or suggesting a video on internet that you like. Now it is time that we harness the power of AI to reshape our lives and the organizations that we work at for a finer, more efficient way of operating.


How we can help you with Nortal's expertise in data & AI


Helping humans make more sophisticated decisions

Long-term unemployment is costly to the state and hard on the individual, as after being unemployed for longer than 6 months one is less likely to return to the labor market.
At Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, Nortal has developed an AI solution to help consultants assess and lessen the risk of long-term unemployment.

Computer vision

Improving complex tasks with computer vision

Computer vision excels at high volumes of complex, but routine tasks, providing highly valuable insights and assistance to human operators or by improving the work of existing product lines.
As an example one can gain great benefits from increased accuracy in quality assessment by replacing or aiding traditional sensors in existing factory equipment.

Recommendation engine

Power over your own data

It is difficult to find the coolest sites to visit, best restaurants to eat at and most memorable events to attend when you’re new in town. Recommendation engines can do that work for you based on your previous interests and habits. However – sharing your personal information and usage data is often the downside. Nortal has created a recommendation system that puts users first, allowing them to decide which data they share with the option of opting-out at any moment.


Our way of working

We make use of discovery workshops, service design and prototyping to find the most valuable AI use cases. That’s how:

  1. AS-IS situation discovery and mapping
  2. Potential AI use-cases identification
  3. Data feasibility study
  4. AI use-cases formalization and Service Design
  5. Prototyping
  6. AI application roadmap

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Indrek Velthut

Indrek Velthut

Head of Data, Analytics and AI

Indrek has more than 10 years of experience creating large-scale solutions and bringing innovative machine learning to enterprises. He has helped businesses identify and implement high-value data and AI solutions, enabling fact-based decision making and improving our daily lives.