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Marketing strategy

Focus on how your customers are buying – rather than how you are trying to sell. This is what it takes to successfully set up an integrated revenue process between marketing and sales.


Within marketing strategy, we offer a wide range of tools that are needed to effectively manage your customers’ purchasing process; from the very first touch point all the way to a profitable long-term relationship.

This involves:

  • working with your organization in order to anchor the skills needed in your team,
  • adopting the needed strategic mind-set in order to leverage the process optimally,
  • creating the best possible tactical process for your organization,
  • choosing the right framework of tools and software needed,
  • working with your tactical marketing and sales teams to develop the right content production process,
  • the means of measuring the right key performance indicators (KPIs) and being able to optimize your process over time.


How can Nortal help with your marketing strategy?

Nortal will help you design a holistic B2B marketing and sales strategy for your specific organisation. We will create a lead-to-revenue process that will act as a framework for all of your combined marketing and sales efforts in order to become a “revenue generating machine”.

Not many companies can compete with our extensive experience of advising both large and small businesses in their efforts to streamline modern marketing and sales processes.


The pillars of marketing strategy


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Jonas Ander

Jonas Ander

Jonas Ander, Chief Marketing Officer at Nortal, is arguably the person responsible for introducing marketing automation to Scandinavia. His company, Element, was acquired by Nortal in 2016 and he’s served as our Chief Marketing Officer ever since. He is Nortal's go-to source for information on sales, marketing, and CRMs. Get in touch with him via email to find out what he can do for you.