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Nortal's experience

CRM ecosystem

Simplify your sales team’s road toward revenue. Automate and integrate marketing and sales processes. Empower your team with greater mobility, ease of use, real-time information and much more.


The value for a company, big or small, that has successfully implemented a CRM ecosystem is tremendous. Everyone with access to the CRM on any device can see how it is going for the company and, most important, get a good indication of how things will go in the future. Ongoing sales processes and customer relationships no longer depend on any individual employee, but become company assets.


How can Nortal help with CRM?

Nortal is a leading specialist of lead-to-revenue process management in Europe.

We will help you understand which platform would best fit your specific needs. We will also help you create a return on your investment and long-lasting success with your CRM ecosystem.


Get in touch with an expert

Juri Dushko

Juri Dushko

Juri Dushko, Head of CRM and Sales Automation at Nortal, is among the top CRM experts in the world. He is a true trailblazer of modern customer management and marketing. He has worked with a variety of clients of different sizes, and knows the challenges of both small and big companies. He has all the tools to help U.S. companies get the best bang for their buck when it comes to CRM, MA and GDPR compliance.

+372 566 50 103