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Revenue Science

Once you’ve optimized processes to the max, there’s one bastion left to conquer — your revenue process. Bring it into the data-driven 21st century. Nortal helps you understand your clients’ buying journeys and builds strategies to support them. We’ll set up the technology and systems needed to better serve your clients, and will build predictive models with the data you collect. We call this Revenue Science, and it’s proved to boost revenue, productivity, and customer experience.


Data-driven revenue

Clients want a personalized, seamless experience. In a world powered by omnichannel marketing, Nortal dives deep into your data to create processes that help you generate new revenue, decrease churn and offer a 360-degree view of current and prospective clients. Combining expertise from a variety of fields, Revenue Science delivers a personalized customer experience that works seamlessly across all touchpoints.


Smooth processes

Welcome to omnichannel

Well-designed processes help you understand your customers — where they’re coming from and how they connect with you. We’ve executed more than 100 projects for multinational clients, mapping customer journeys, conducting channel optimization, building predictive analytics models, as well as managing personal data and digital identifications.



Get system savvy

Competition, regulations, and customer expectations can change at light speed. To stay abreast, you also need to be capable of change. Systems are a means to acceleration — they support constant evolution.

Nortal is system agnostic. We recommend systems that fit your needs and support your business. We’re a thought leader in CRM (customer relationship management), MA (marketing automation), and
e-commerce. Our satisfied clients include major telcos and finance industry players.



Harness your data

Data, data, everywhere

Ninety percent of the data a company collects goes unused — and most organizations have no holistic view of the data they possess. Nortal can change that. We help you put your data to proper use toward a killer customer experience across all touchpoints. This enables you to build touchpoints that are tailored to customers’ personas, needs and decision-making processes, and that deliver information to customers in a consistent fashion.

Then we take you closer to the end goal of predictive analytics. This allows sophisticated campaigns and reduced churn. It will also help you become GDPR compliant.


An agile organization

Tear down the silos

Successful organizations undergo constant change. An agile approach is the next logical step after putting your data to work. Customer experience must be systematically evaluated and constantly improved. This means small, regular changes — monthly or even weekly.

Nortal ensures your customers’ seamless experience is reflected in your internal setup. We help you tear down silos for an agile and adaptive culture that can move quickly when new insights from data are revealed.



Track record

Too complicated? We do it all the time!

We’ve implemented over 50 CRM projects — with telecoms, utilities, the financial sector and heavy industry. We’ve delivered more than 200 MA projects, and know how to replace large legacy systems and build from scratch.



Case study

Revenue Science offers a competitive edge

Nortal helped Fortaco Group add relevant touchpoints to its customers’ buying journeys and adapt the latest in marketing technology.


Get insights from our experts

  • Jonas Ander

    CEO, Sweden

    Jonas Ander, Chief Marketing Officer at Nortal, is arguably the person responsible for introducing marketing automation to Scandinavia. His company, Element, was acquired by Nortal in 2016 and he’s served as our Chief Marketing Officer ever since. He is Nortal's go-to source for information on sales, marketing, and CRMs. Get in touch with him via email to find out what he can do for you.