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Focus on the impact

Over the past two decades, we have been the driving force behind 100+ digital transformation projects for governments, healthcare institutions, and leading enterprises worldwide. This has required a profound understanding of the 'why' for every engagement because, for us, it is the baseline for defining and ultimately delivering the meaningful impact we always strive for. We only take on challenges that come with a 'why' we believe in, and we do what it takes to stay aligned with it from start to finish.



Unmatched execution

We’re the perfect size to tackle transformational projects while still taking personal pride in each customer’s success – this is why we have never failed with a project or walked away from a commitment. With a strong physical presence in our markets across time zones, we get the best of both worlds: customer intimacy and an understanding of local culture and business practices combined with global talent pools.



Eliminating friction

Our industry’s problem is that it often offers customers just individual services without the ability or willingness to take accountability for delivering the desired impact. We want to change the way the industry works – our Seamless Teams provide our customers with a seamless experience to save their time and money. Nortal’s Seamless Teams cover the full capability value chain to take responsibility for delivering Value as a Service for our customers.

Our heritage

For us, the promise of delivering the future seamlessly is deep-rooted in our heritage. No matter the shape the future presents itself in, its creation starts with the ability to understand the why and comprehend complex problems at the very core. We have proven to excel at this since we were founded in Estonia in 2000.

Over the past two decades, we have accumulated experience in countries at the forefront of digital transformation in government, healthcare, and enterprise. Having been the driving force behind it countless times, digital transformation is second nature to us.

After 20+ years, we’re still founders-driven, building on our shared passion and common vision.

We have delivered 40% of the Estonian e-transformation and countless digital government projects worldwide.

We have delivered modern data-driven solutions for our global industry customers for more than 20 years. We help them transform their businesses from the shop floor to the top floor to get ahead of their competition.

We have built some of the world’s most advanced digital healthcare systems for health insurance companies and hospitals, and we have tailored solutions that serve as foundations for entire countries’ electronic healthcare ecosystems.

Our North American operations serve more than 25 leading Fortune 500 customers in telecommunications, media and entertainment, travel and lodging, e-commerce, and logistics.

What is the problem we are solving?

What is the problem we are solving?

We strive for seamless simplicity and want to change how the industry currently works. There’s a lot of friction in our industry – the value chain for solving one customer problem can consist of many independent companies, their cultures, workflows, business targets, and management models. This is time-consuming and expensive to manage, resulting in a costly and untimely delivery of the actual value.

Nortal has global Seamless Teams who can deliver the whole chain with complete accountability of the value, solution, budget, and schedule. This is how we can promise our customers that we can provide Value as a Service.

We work together with our customers to help them make the right choices, think big, redefine the future and execute it.


Global network

We build strong local companies as part of a global network

We build strong local companies as part of a global network reaching both sides of the Atlantic. Working with Nortal, our customers always get the best of our international team.


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