Lean Manufacturing is the philosophy and craft of achieving more with less

Lean manufacturing and lean ways of working give companies the advantage of a more efficient structure in their internal processes. It reduces waste, improves quality, raises profitability and optimizes production.

The benefits of adding MES to your ERP

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The benefits of adding Manufacturing Execution Systems to your ERP

Diverse customer demand and an ever shorter product life cycles bring about the accumulation of needlessly complex processes in an organization. Simplifying and optimizing processes with lean manufacturing creates constant improvement, higher productivity with minimal waste. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) make the processes more transparent, more responsive and less costly.

MES collects data in real-time from machines, material and people optimizing the production process. This results in increased productivity as work orders are completed more efficiently and there is less waste in material flow. With detailed control and shorter response time to changes, lead times in production become shorter. Production also becomes more cost-effective.

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