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Smart manufacturing starts from factory floor

The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is the channel of information from the shop floor to the top floor in a manufacturing organization. An Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) is often not enough to understand what is actually happening in the factory.


The benefits of adding MES to your ERP

MES provides various benefits and tools to improve the little things that get done daily. Each one of those operations can be a competitive advantage or a bottleneck. You can’t have smart manufacturing though, if you leave out the human in the process. Read our white paper and find out what smarter manufacturing can mean for your business.


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Samu Pylkkänen

Samu Pylkkänen

Business Consultant

Ahti Rossi

Ahti Rossi

Project Manager and Domain Expert

Ahti Rossi, MES solution owner and project manager at Nortal, has 20+ years experience in manufacturing IT projects in the mining & metals, paper and food industry. He is skilled in Process Control and WMS, GE Proficy, OSISoft PI as well as custom software development...

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