Marketo Web Personalization

Nortal Webinar


Our first episode in the series of Marketo centered webinars was held on March 1st in Finnish.
In this first episode we concentrated on Marketo’s Web Personalization tool which lets you personalize your web site or email content according to custom segments made within the tool.

Here is our main takeaways from the webinar:
1. Personalized content can be created for either anonymous users and known users (in Marketo’s database)
2. Know your targeted audience!
3. Easy to use: Built for marketeers


Webinar presenters

Arto Niemi

Arto Niemi

Consultant, Marketo Certified Expert

Arto Niemi, Marketo Certified Expert and working as marketing & sales technology consultant at Nortal, is passionate on digitizing customer experience. Get in touch via email and find out how he can help you from modelling customer journeys to system implementation.
Robert Larsson

Robert Larsson

Junior Consultant, Marketo Certified Expert

Robert Larsson is a Marketing Automation & SEO/SEM Consultant at Nortal. A tech troubleshooter at heart, he enjoys delving into sticky problems and coming up with novel solutions. Want to be in touch? Send him an email!