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Digital healthcare: seamless healthcare experience

Taking a user experience driven approach to healthcare creates substantial benefits in an industry that is facing serious challenges from rising costs and limited resources. Here’s Nortal’s version of how this could work in one scenario.

healthcare experience

UX-driven eHealth concepts based on storytelling.

Nortal's eHealth solutions create substantial benefits in an industry that is facing serious challenges from rising costs and limited resources.



Paulina had been feeling bad for long time and opened eHealth inside Apple’s Health app to book an appointment with her healthcare provider.

She answered questions that eHealth’s chatbot asked. eHealth’s Artificial Intelligence chose questions based on her answers and analyzed the need.

eHealth’s AI recommended she meet her family doctor. It sent an appointment request to Dr Smitt together with the questionnaire results.

Dr Smitt received the request and agreed to meet Paulina. AI saw a conflict in their merged calendars and suggested that Paulina could meet Dr Miller instead.

Paulina met Dr Miller. All the data – history, the questionnaire results, and Dr Smitt’s notes – were now available for Dr Miller to see.

Dr Miller reviewed Paulina’s data, met her, understood she is pregnant and arranged new appointments for her to see specialists. All memos were saved in the Journal.

Paulina takes prescription medication, keeps in contact with her doctors via eHealth app. She can see lab results and AI can guide her treatment.

Dr Smitt can be up to date about her progress via Journal. He knows that she is been taken care of.

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Jana Viia

Jana Viia

Head of NUX, Design

Jana Viia, Head of NUX at Nortal, is passionate about creating the best possible user experiences. She is a great listener and project manager – creative and well organized. She can analyze customer needs and translate their vision into results with a meaningful impact for end users. Get in touch with her to find out how you can build seamless experiences for your end users!