Nortal Podcast

How to build a seamless society?

In Nortal’s first ever podcast, our Chief Commercial Officer Harri Koponen will reveal what does it take to build a seamless society. How do we work with our clients and why would you want to work with us?


Tune in to get an introduction into the world of Nortal and what it means to be a Nortalist. On top of that, Koponen gives out some secrets on how Nortal has managed to create meaningful impact for hundreds of thousands of people globally.



Harri Koponen

Harri Koponen

Senior Partner and CEO of Nortal in Finland

Harri Koponen, senior partner and head of Nortal's Finland operations, has a versatile background. He's been with Rovio Entertainment (the company behind Angry Birds) and Finnish Army, but also with Royal Dutch Shell and different telecoms. Experienced in international sales and marketing, he has managed...

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