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AI and customer interaction

Artificial Intelligence is the latest buzzword. Concerning all sectors from manufacturing to retail, AI will also have a notable effect on customer service.


In this podcast, Nortal’s Vice President Arto Lamminen talks to Petteri Ormio, Head of Digital at Grano, and Mikael Ruohonen, Head of Data Science at SOK, to find out how AI is already influencing customer service and what the future will bring. The podcast is in Finnish.



Arto Lamminen

Arto Lamminen

Vice President, Revenue Science, Media & Telecom at Nortal

Arto Lamminen, Vice President, Revenue Science, Media and Telecom at Nortal, has vast experience working in the IT and telecoms sectors. To see how he can help your organization grow and take full advantage of the digital world, send him an email.
Petteri Ormio

Petteri Ormio

Head of Digital at Grano

Mikael Ruohonen

Mikael Ruohonen

Head of Data Science at SOK


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