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Investor blog

Nortal podcast

360° omnichannel buying experience

In this episode of the Nortal podcast, we take on the topic of the 360-degree omnichannel buying experience. Learn how becoming more customer-centric can boost customer satisfaction, as well as drive revenue. See how important it is to create a connected experience for your customers, and what technologies your company should employ to achieve these goals.


Our guests — Sal Visca, CTO at Elastic Path; Adrian Whitehouse, Director of Business Development at Elastic Path; and Mikael Gummerus, Founder & CEO at Frosmo — share many interesting example cases of how companies today are creating these experiences with the help of AI, machine learning and worthwhile investments.

Find out how Carnival Cruise Lines is changing the way it interacts with customers, how Elastic Path is taking on this new challenge, and how Frosmo is helping companies adapt to these changes. Hosted by Arto Lamminen.