Are German companies ready for the fourth industrial revolution?

On March 5th, Nortal will share the insights into the journey to Industry 4.0 at the first Entrepreneurs’ Forum of Volksbank Mittweida.


We are proud to share our experience and success in transforming industrial operations.

On the verge of the fourth industrial revolution, the importance and value of data are increasing for each and every organization. The Economist has declared data the most valuable resource in the world; data is the new oil. Having top quality well-organized data allows an enterprise to understand how to improve production, decrease waste and even find new business models.

However, just collecting data from different sources is not enough. The journey to smart manufacturing requires a comprehensive view of the intact industry environment. The key lies in a holistic approach that interconnects data, industrial IoT, cloud computing, machine intelligence, predictive maintenance and thereby the entire manufacturing process into a streamlined consistency.

With more than 30 years of experience with some of the leading Nordic industries, Nortal has helped influential enterprises to bring their industrial processes to another level.

Join us at the first Entrepreneurs’ Forum of Volksbank Mittweida and learn how leveraging data from all stages of the industrial process can help companies stay two steps ahead of the game — and their competitors.


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Juri Dushko

Juri Dushko

Partner, Head of CRM and Sales Automation at Nortal

Juri Dushko, Head of CRM and Sales Automation at Nortal, is among the top CRM experts in the world. He is a true trailblazer of modern customer management and marketing. He has worked with a variety of clients of different sizes, and knows the challenges...