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Scaling the Database Tier


In the first podcast of a series on scaling your technology stack, Chief Architect, Gabe Hicks, Solutions Architect, Nathan Skone, and VP of Technology, Jesse Krautwurst kick-off the series by introducing the capabilities of scaling the different types of databases and scenarios for when to apply the different scaling strategies. They also go into detail about the advantages and disadvantages of scaling. This podcast is in English.

Part 1: Introduction to the Scaling Series [0:00-18:42]

  • The difference between relational and non-relational databases
  • Vertical and horizontal scaling
  • What are the principles of databases?
  • CAP Theorem overview
  • What is the primary/ primary and master/ master approach to databases?
  • Scaling with Sharding
  • Scaling with Denormalization

Part 2:  Different Types of Databases [18:51-34:02]

  • What are the advantages of NoSQL?
  • What are the different types of databases?
  • What is a key value data store?
  • What would a document database look like?
  • What are the advantages of Time Series?
  • What are graph non-relational databases?
  • What are search non-relational databases?
  • How would you approach scaling a system?
  • How do analytics relate to scaling?

Tools Mentioned:

Amazon Document DB
Influx Time Series DB

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Thought Leaders

Gabe Hicks

Gabe Hicks

Jesse Krautwurst

Jesse Krautwurst

VP of Technology

Nathan Skone

Nathan Skone

Solutions Architect