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Scaling Services


In the second podcast on a series about scaling your technology stack, Chief Architect, Gabe Hicks, Solutions Architect, Nathan Skone, and Director of Technology, Jeff Ramsdale continue the series by talking about different patterns that help with scaling services, or the middle tier. Discussing in detail different patterns, when to use them, and common cases of misuse. This podcast is in English.

Part 1: Overview of Scaling Services [0:00-10:25]

  • What is scaling?
  • What is horizontal compared to vertical scaling?
  • Factors to consider when thinking about scaling.
  • The difference between stateless and stateful services.
  • Examples of automating horizontal scaling.
  • What are other ways to scale compute?

Part 2: Application Architecture [10:35-23:44]

  • Microservice pattern versus monolithic architecture.
  • How caching can impact scaling: benefits and challenges.
  • How queuing is used to scale systems.
  • How can the service tier handle the information in the queue?
  • The importance of autoscaling services.

Tools Mentioned:

EC2 Instances
Google Compute Instances
AWS Lambda

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Thought Leaders

Gabe Hicks

Gabe Hicks

Nathan Skone

Nathan Skone

Solutions Architect

Jeff Ramsdale

Jeff Ramsdale

Technical Director