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Investor blog

What gets measured gets done

A discussion of marketing KPIs and how to have a functional solution with Pardot, Sales Cloud and B2B marketing analytics.


On May 16 Nortal hosted a Salesforce user group session in the Stockholm office. The main theme was “What gets measured gets done” and the discussions were around KPIs for marketing and sales; and how to track these in the Salesforce environment. Pardot, the Sales Cloud and B2B Marketing Analytics were the main clouds covered.”

Nortal also had the chance to do a quick demo of a chat bot by Drift and how it can be used as a complement in lead generation or client engagement. Thank you everyone for coming!


Event speakers

Joao Araujo

Joao Araujo

Senior Consultant at Nortal

Joao Araujo, Senior Consultant at Nortal, assists organizations in improving revenue growth and increasing productivity. By helping companies set strategy, manage change and apply the right technology, Araujo can enhance your organization’s customer experience and lead generation. To hear more, get in touch with him...
Lina Stenesjö

Lina Stenesjö

Senior Consultant at Nortal