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Better care through national health records in Lithuania


This case study describes how Nortal helped Lithuania create a complete national health record that saves both time and resources that can be better spent on patient care.

Gabija was visiting the capital when her asthma took a frightening turn for the worse. Despite being far from her home clinic, doctors were able to instantly access Gabija’s medical history and treat her immediately.

This was thanks to a centralized, national health record system that Nortal created for Lithuania. The system is fundamentally transforming the nation’s healthcare landscape. Before the new system was set in place, Lithuanian health records system was in desperate need of modernization: patient files were kept on paper and hospitals had their own procedures for keeping records.

Thanks to Nortal, Lithuania now has a fully functional national health record that saves time and a range of other resources.

Download our case study to find our how we made all birth and death certificates digital in Lithuania.


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Taavi Einaste

Taavi Einaste


Taavi Einaste is an expert in exporting world’s leading digitalization expertise across borders. Since joining Nortal in 2010, he has worked on numerous large-scale projects and reforms, including national level transformation projects in healthcare, public and private sectors. To find out more about Nortal’s offering...