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The tools we use play a key role in creating cloud-native environments, bringing value to our customers. We are committed to offering our developers hands-on experience with industry-leading tools and techniques.


By understanding that cloud-based infrastructure should be designed to be flexible and disposable as needed through the use of Infrastructure as Code, we create high-scale, rapid cloud-based infrastructure.

Central to our cloud practice is “process, techniques, and tools.” For Nortal, this means keeping 12-factor applications, continuous delivery, and immutable infrastructure as core principles for cloud-native developments. We design applications to be stateless and immutable, with explicitly defined bound contexts and all dependencies noted—as this is critical in developing ephemeral and dynamic cloud-native applications.

We regularly use carefully curated tools, filling the needs for each major phase in the software development lifecycle. Known for nearly 20 years of experience in implementing continuous delivery, our tools reflect this.

  • Mike Ensor

    VP Global Cloud Practice at Nortal

    Mike is a hands-on software architect with 24 years of experience in cloud architectures, custom application development, e-commerce, distributed systems and big data implementations. Throughout his career, he has continually pushed the use of test-driven development, the principles of continuous delivery and emphasized the merits of Agile-based development. Mike has co-presented with Google / K8s luminaries such as Kelsey Hightower, Alan Naim and Carter Morgan.