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Investor blog

Nortal podcast

Chatbot in customer service and sales

Having trouble keeping up with the technology revolution? Tune in to the third episode of the Nortal podcast to find out more about one of the latest, and most talked about, new innovations in the business industry. Chatbots. Kati Manninen – along with Tomi Kaski, B2B Sales Strategist at Pro Cio, and Petteri Ormio, CDO at Grano – share their first experiences and thoughts on the new technology marvel, including great illustrative examples of how this technology is already being used in everyday life.


Find out how and why companies should invest in the technology, what purpose the Chatbot serves, and how it could be implemented as a part of your business. The example cases discussed in this episode show that the task of implementing this technology is not as simple as it would first seem. Listen to what the guests have to say about how to avoid the most common pitfalls.
The podcast is in Finnish.

  • Arto Lamminen

    Vice President, Revenue Science, Media & Telecom at Nortal

  • Kati Manninen

    Revenue Science Senior Consultant at Nortal

  • Petteri Ormio

    Head of Digital at Grano

  • Tomi Kaski

    B2B sales strategist at Pro Cio


Curious to find out more? Get in touch!

Kati Manninen

Kati Manninen

Kati Manninen, Revenue Science Senior Consultant at Nortal, is a sales oriented marketing leader with a career history of digitalizing marketing and sales, and developing business and the strategies that support revenue growth. Having worked with both medium-sized and large companies in different sectors, she has strong commercial, organizational and creative skills to push revenue growth. To find out how she can help your organization open new opportunities in marketing, sales and business management, get in touch with her via email.