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Investor blog

Nortal podcast

Changes in B2B buying behavior

The landscape of buying behavior in B2B markets is changing rapidly. The traditional buying and selling process has become insignificant, and the role of the salesperson has shifted more toward a consultative expert. Using technology and social media is not enough. How to get started? And how to use all the tools available, without complicating the process?


Join Nortal’s Vice President, Arto Lamminen, as he talks about the changing nature of B2B buying behavior with Petteri Ormio, Head of Digital at Grano, and Tomi Kaski, Senior Advisor at Pro Cio. Hosted by Kati Manninen, Senior Consultant at Nortal.

The podcast is in Finnish.

  • Arto Lamminen

    Vice President, Revenue Science, Media & Telecom at Nortal

  • Kati Manninen

    Revenue Science Senior Consultant at Nortal

  • Tomi Kaski

    B2B sales strategist at Pro Cio

  • Petteri Ormio

    Head of Digital at Grano


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Arto Lamminen

Arto Lamminen

Arto Lamminen, Vice President, Revenue Science, Media and Telecom at Nortal, has vast experience working in the IT and telecoms sectors. To see how he can help your organization grow and take full advantage of the digital world, send him an email.