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Success stories within Engagement Marketing

Welcome to Nortal and Marketo joint event, on May 24th at Berns Salonger

Welcome to Nortal and Marketo joint event, on May 24th at Berns Salonger
Berns Salonger

Welcome to a joint event!

Event organized by:

The future of marketing communications lies not on marketing automation platforms but on a full engagement strategy with prospects and clients. Marketing will be at the forefront of communication being the experts in dealing with a client / customer from a 360 view from first contact, to onboarding and client service. On the 24th of May, Marketo and Nortal will host a morning session on this topic: Engagement Marketing. We will hear from Jamie Anderson at Marketo about the present and future of marketing. Madeleine Lindgren and Daniel Nyberg from Bisnode will present their story: how have they implemented an engagement marketing approach using Marketo. Nortal’s CMO Jonas Ander will discuss the future role of Marketing in the new organization – the 360 degree view of clients. Erik Hagberg from Klarna will share their new challenge, having to many qualified leads. Seats are limited so please sign-up as soon as possible.

About the Speakers:

Jamie Anderson
President EMEA
Madeleine Lindgren
Head of Digital Marketing
Bisnode Sweden
Daniel Nyberg
Group Marketing Technologist
Jonas Ander, Nortal
Jonas Ander
Global CMO
Erik Hagberg
Acquisition Manager


8:30 – 9:00 Breakfast and mingle
9:00 – 9:40 Jonas Ander, Nortal: The future role of marketing
 9:40 – 10:20 Jamie Anderson, Marketo: Engagement economy and our research into State of Engagement
 10:20 – 10:30 Time to get some coffee
10:30 – 11:15 Madeleine Lindgren and Daniel Nyberg, Bisnode: How Bisnode adopted an engagement marketing approach with Marketo
 11:15 – 12:00 Erik Hagberg, Klarna: The challenge of having too many leads


Register here

Once you complete the form, details will be sent to you directly. The event will be held in English. Seats are limited, so sign up as soon as possible!

Contact us if you want more information about the event

Joao Araujo 0739836286
Joao Araujo