September 22nd, 2023

How can digitalization drive green transformation while ensuring profitable growth?

Welcome to an insightful breakfast event hosted by Nortal, where we’ll delve deep into sustainability as a natural evolution for business development, seeing digitalization as one of the key enablers for a sustainable and profitable business. Through engaging discussions and presentations, we aim to uncover actionable insights that can fuel real change when driving green transformation through digitalization.

About the event

When and where:

Thursday January 25, 2024 at 8:30-12:00 at Nortal’s headquarters in Helsinki (Mikonkatu 15 B, 00100 Helsinki)


Topics of our keynote speeches:


  • “Knowing what others don’t, how weather and climate impacts your bottom line”, by Teppo Kuisma at Vaisala Xweather


  • “Collaborating for sustainable business: unlocking opportunities with value chains and cross-functional teams”, by Johannes Heikkinen, Chief Enterprise Architect at St1 Nordic Oy


  • “The possibilities of modern architecture to support the development of sustainable and profitable business”, by Pasi Anttila, Enterprise Architect at Nortal


Language of the presentations:


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Accelerating green transformation through digitalization

Sustainability is an ever-advancing trend. The focus is on innovative approaches to tackle sustainability challenges, while being able to grow business and profitability. Businesses aim to ensure long-term operation and growth by minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities tied to environmental, social, and economic factors as well as compliancy. Action, not just intent, is vital for sustainability’s role in business evolution

When thinking about sustainability in making an impact, it is all about how we create the future. It’s a huge responsibility to really think about – how will things look in 50 or 100 years?

Be a part of this crucial dialogue and contribute to accelerating the green transformation!

Our speakers

Teppo Kuisma is responsible for Vaisala Xweather Clients and Partners globally. He’s a computational designer, keen on solving the hardest problems together with bright people. Teppo combines his lifelong passion of competitive sailing and weather with emerging technology and sales, to bring the world’s best weather and environmental data and solutions to market leading companies and organizations.

Prior to joining Vaisala Xweather, Teppo established himself as an entrepreneur and recognized leader in machine learning, software, UX and hardware programs. He is known for building networked business for companies like Honda, HP, Google and Nokia.

“Passionate about getting things done, for real, for the world.”

Teppo Kuisma

Vaisala, Xweather

Johannes is a software engineering, technology, and architecture enthusiast with 15 years of experience in mainly energy sector IT positions. Over the years, he has been in various roles from developing and designing software solutions, to leading technology teams, to enabling digital transformation with the means of enterprise architecture. Past 5 years Johannes has been working with St1 group and helping the company in planning and building the organization, ways of working and digital capabilities that on their part enable the transition towards St1 vision of being the leading producer and seller of CO2-aware energy.

Johannes Heikkinen

Chief Enterprise Architect, St1 Nordic Oy

With 25 years of experience in business process consulting, software architecture design, method development, software specification, analysis, design, implementation and testing, Pasi is the go-to guy for those who need to digitalize their processes and production.

Pasi Anttila

Enterprise Architect, Nortal

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