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Automation: How companies should respond during and after the pandemic


In a two-part podcast series, Nortal US’ Chief Technology Officer Gabe Hicks talks with Jeff Ramsdale, Director of Technology, about CI/CD automation being a critical piece of delivery, given the shift to a remote workforce. This podcast is in English.

Part 1: The importance of CI/CD automation right now [0:00 – 10:38]

  • What does CI/CD automation involve? And what is it?
  • Evolution of automation
  • Why is automation even more important now, during an economic slowdown, than it has been before?
  • Documentation: How much do you need and ease of accessing software?
  • How do you recognize poor automation?

Part 2: How to get started with automation [10:47 – 25:26]

  • Current state of CI/CD: How containers are used in modern build pipelines
  • Where the cloud fits with Continuous Delivery practices
  • Should you build automation on your own or start with a third partySaaS product?
  • What will change with CI/CD?

Tools Mentioned:

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Gabe Hicks

Gabe Hicks