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GDPR and Marketing Automation – An opportunity to do better marketing

1st of December, 2017 - Stockholm, Sweden

1st of December, 2017 - Stockholm, Sweden
Drottninggatan 78, 5 tr. 111 36, Stockholm Sweden

This informative seminar will help marketers to determine a convergent and straightforward course of action marketing strategies relating to GDPR and Marketing Automation. Topics will include examining “top of line” impact and exploring what marketers can do to both protect their business and improve their customer’s user experience.

The deadline for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is fast approaching. Although there’s lots of information about the GDPR from an IT security perspective, many marketers are still trying to understand the regulation’s full implications for their marketing strategies. This seminar will empower you to take action to help your company both avoid the possible consequences, and feel encouraged to seize the opportunity of having to organize and categorize your data.

The landscape of modern email marketing will change dramatically once the GDPR is introduced. There are a few key changes that will be required for marketers to ensure compliance with the GDPR. Marketers need to establish the correct marketing priorities to forge a winning GDPR strategy.

We can help.

Nortal has implemented many useful automated-marketing systems over the last few years. We want to make sure our customers, regardless of the automated-marketing system they may be using, know how to safeguard the equity of their earlier investments. This seminar will fully explore the role of marketing automation in helping organizations to become GDPR compliant.

Main talking points:

  • Essential principles of GDPR
  • Marketing’s Biggest GDPR Concerns
  • Marketing priorities for a winning GDPR strategy
  • What marketers can and cannot do
  • How your Marketing Automation tool can help you
  • Compliance checklist – from a marketers perspective

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8.00 - 8.30


8.30 - 9.30


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Mathias Jonsson +46 8 534 815 60
Mathias Jonsson