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Medical data exchange

Medical data exchange remarkably improves the collaboration between physicians and other stakeholders in the healthcare arena, which is important to improve care and keep down costs.


Empowered by data

Standards based medical data exchange coupled with Big Data capacities for unstructured data will power the next generation of healthcare systems. On-demand medical data leads to faster and better care and empowers the patient. Nortal creates secure platforms and digital healthcare systems where privacy is absolute.


Data integrity in focus

Nortal delivers secure and scalable technologies to share private health data using modern standards to make processes more efficient and produce a real impact on the healthcare system. Nortal is an expert in FHIR. Fast Healthcare Interoperable Resources (FHIR) is one of the draft standards in the HL7 family (Health Level Seven International) and supports the exchange of data between healthcare software systems. Combining the advantages of established HL7 standards with new technologies, the intention is to create an effective and human-readable information exchange.


Let's get in touch

Taavi Einaste

Taavi Einaste


Taavi Einaste on huipputason ammattilainen, joka vie digitaalisen asiantuntemusta rajojen. Nortalissa Einaste aloitti vuonna 2010, minkä jälkeen hän on työskennellyt lukuisten mittavien hankkeiden ja uudistusten parissa, mukaan lukien kansalliset muutoshankkeet terveydenhuollossa sekä julkisella ja yksityisellä sektorilla. Mikäli haluat kuulla lisää Nortalin digitaalisen muutoksen tarjoamasta Saksassa,...