Cyber resilience

The statistics paint a grim picture – traditional perimeter-based security is unable to continuously stand against sophisticated cyber adversaries nor was it designed to protect the organizations’ entire ecosystem of digital assets. Nortal has defined a new security paradigm based on Cyber Resilience, one where organizations are able to stay one step ahead of the threats. Always ready. Always able to adapt. Always resilient.

Give yourself a chance. Make your business defendable.


Shift your focus to Cyber Resilience

The future of the world is digital. Fully embracing the digital world elevates businesses, boosts societies, and inspires people. The digital world is intertwined with nearly every aspect of the physical world.

Just like in the physical world, continuity and safety are paramount. To be able to thrive and prosper, businesses, societies and people must be able to depend on the safety and predictability of the digital world, just like we depend on the safety and predictability of the physical world around us. The digital world must be protected and defended just like the physical world.

The proliferation and impact of cybercrime, however, demonstrate this is not currently the case. The data suggests quite the opposite.



Number of attacks faced annually by enterprise size companies & organizations

4,88M USD

Average financial impact of a large data breach

287 DAYS

How long it takes on average to detect, respond to and mitigate a cyber breach.

Nortal combines its experience building mission critical digital systems hosting our customers most sensitive digital assets with decades of cybersecurity leadership to offer our customers a practice focused exclusively on their Cyber Resilience.

Active approach to cyber resilience

Maintaining a sufficient level of cyber resilience is an ongoing, and complicated mission. To defend against today’s digital threat actors, organizations must learn every detail of their continuously changing digital infrastructure. They must know and maintain every third-party API interfacing with them, and they must create, deploy, and execute solid, compliant and evolving strategies, processes and defensive tools to actively protect themselves. The ability to both efficiently protect and defend your assets to minimize the negative impact of an inevitable cyber incident – this is what Nortal Cyber Resilience is all about. And this is what Nortal helps our customers to do.

Protecting an organizations’ assets primarily calls for an appropriate technical solution, while defending digital assets is a much more complex and active endeavour, one that depends heavily on people and their ability to react and perform the correct actions at the correct time. An organization’s ability to react to a cyber-attack quickly and appropriately is what mitigates damage and cost.

Some of the most forward-looking organizations in the world already trust us with their Cyber Resilience frameworks. Come and join the more secure future.


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