ROLE to apply for

System Analyst

Systems analyst likes to envision and design the future. By presenting their brilliant ideas to various people, they make others see it too. They dig deep into processes and identify opportunities for improvement using information technology. During the entire project they act as the translator between business needs and technology solutions.


The process you will follow

Test Meeting the

Training week
Work starts!

Skills you will learn

  • Managing customer relations through your attitude, work and results
  • Understanding customer needs and business processes, and translating these into
  • specifications for an information system
  • Writing documentation that describes an information system (data models, process models, prototypes, specifications and business logic)
  • Knowing how your system works with other systems
  • Testing more complex parts of the system
  • Helping a customer implement new systems (writing user manuals, conducting training and making notes for what comes next)
  • Project management skills such as assigning tasks to team members, coordinating activities and schedules, monitoring performance, adhering to deadlines, maintaining an overview of project status and introducing new development ideas