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Investor blog

The S-team

The “S” can stand for “Serbia” or for “Super.” Both are right, so take your pick. We’re a close-knit team of heroes, whose powers include coding like monsters, partying like rock stars and looking awesome in skin-tight costumes. Capes are totally optional.



Keystrokes that change the world

Are you the kind of expert who eats big challenges for breakfast and yearns for large-scale projects that can help millions? The work we do in the S-Team is some of the most rewarding you’ll find anywhere. Nortal’s high-impact projects in business, healthcare and government are breaking new ground and sending ripples around the globe. Thanks to us, registering a company in Oman now takes less time than boiling an egg. At the moment, we are creating a new tax administration solution for Botswana.



Is quality your superpower?

We’re looking for developers and QA specialists/testers who show a superhuman commitment to quality and take pride in their workmanship. Code reviews, test automation and retrospectives are part of our everyday mission. We need people willing to work as members of our highly autonomous teams, taking on a true sense of project ownership and always maintaining a big-picture view. If this sounds like you, you’d be a great match for our team!



Life with the team

Did we say “team”? Maybe “family” would be more on the mark. We spend a lot of time solving problems together, lunching together, and engaging in endless discussions about Chuck Norris’ awesomeness (what’s to discuss?). By joining us, you’ll be able to take part in Nortal’s legendary team-building events, trips and trainings. You’ll also have access to an inspiring Nortal developer community of more than 200 global advocates, helping to boost your personal growth.


Some of the people you'll be working with:

  • Marija Nikolić

    Software Delivery Manager

  • Strahinja Lažetić

    Senior Java developer

  • Marko Nikolić

    Senior Java developer

  • Vesna Korica

    Talent Acquisition Consultant


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