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Investor blog

We are building a seamless society

Real people, real impact

As technology advances, tools become more complex. Our mission at Nortal is to optimize the way these tools work, making life easier for the end user. We believe in thinking big – creating big solutions that have a meaningful, far-reaching impact, be it through better tax systems, improved healthcare or more convenient telecom services. Our projects have touched the lives of more than half a billion people around the globe, and we’re just getting started. Come join us!



Create your own path @ Nortal

Nortal is on the lookout for software architects. Broaden your horizon of possibilities, and look beyond the traditional role of an architect, by exploring the various paths that architects at Nortal have taken.



Be part of the digital revolution

Nortal is the technology powerhouse behind Estonia’s remarkable digital success story as well as projects that have touched the lives of more than half a billion people around the globe. We are now in the midst of bringing the same progressive results to Germany. Our new Düsseldorf office is looking for talented technical and sales staff to help us create meaningful, far-reaching and impactful solutions.



The catalyst of beginnings

Do you have what it takes to kick-start international projects? Do you believe in starting change with small iterations supported by good communication? Are you interested in traveling? And in your mind, does developer experience include exceptional continuous integration processes and minimal manual labor? Then you are the engineer we’re looking for.



Masters of code

Seattle, Tallinn, Vilnius – the ocean is no longer an obstacle! We’re heavily invested in the U.S. and committed to assembling the best talents from around the world. Our Seattle office is now hiring developers to work on e-commerce solutions for a major telecom project. Expand your e-commerce domain expertise, become part of our international super-team and launch your career on both sides of the Atlantic.


Meet the team

The S-team

Based in Serbia, our awesome S-Team is a close-knit team of experts who get to deliver projects that have a society-wide impact in a setting that’s friendly and tons of fun. If you’re the kind of person who eats big challenges for breakfast and yearns for projects that can help millions, click below.


Career opportunities