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The role of time-series database in Industry 4.0

By Nortal Cloud team, July 29, 2020

Read below for a summary of principles about ecosystem development and watch the video to hear our Head of Industry, Ergin Tuganay, go into depth about our expertise around digitizing manufacturing platforms from his presentation at InfluxDays.

The road to your digitalization journey and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is paved with data integrations. Data is needed when clarifying the big picture, aspiring for predictive maintenance, optimizing and debottlenecking processes, or implementing new systems (such as MES or APS). Themes like Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Industry 4.0 are built on moving and combining data, making it accessible in real-time. Without data silos, you have a complete, accurate, and centralized view of your assets and their current state and health. The ability to visualize your asset performance and process efficiencies anytime and anywhere makes you agile and able to react quickly.

To learn how Nortal partners with InfluxData to create simplified processes that grow your business, inquire and read about our consulting services here.

If you would like to connect with Ergin, you can reach out to him below.

Ergin Tuganay

Ergin Tuganay

Partner, Head of Industry 4.0

Ergin Tuganay on Nortalin osakas ja Teollisuus 4.0 johtaja. Hänellä on yli 15 vuoden kokemus useilta teollisen automaation ja dataohjatun teknologian aloilta. Hänen taustassaan yhdistyvät liiketoiminnan kehitys ja johtajuus, ja hän onkin auttanut useita kansainvälisesti toimivia teollisuuden asiakkaita digitalisoimaan valmistusprosessejaan. Erginin salaisia aseita ovat syvällinen...
Alain Dias

Alain Dias

COO North America at Nortal

Harri Ahlroth

Harri Ahlroth

VP, Teollisuus 4.0

Harrilla on 20 vuoden kokemus teollisuudesta aina tuotannon lattialta IT-ratkaisujen myyntiin ja toimittamiseen. Hän on vuosien varrella toiminut lukuisten yritysten ja eri toimialojen parissa auttaen yrityksiä parantamaan kilpailukykyään.

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