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Nortal wins UPM hackathon: Unlock potential in energy production by improving communication

by Nortal HQ, December 8, 2017

Participating at a UPM Energy hackathon recently, Nortal’s team proposed enabling better communication between unit operators. The idea brought Nortal’s team yet another hackathon victory.

Participating at a UPM Energy hackathon recently, Nortal’s team proposed enabling better communication between unit operators. The idea brought Nortal’s team yet another hackathon victory.

“The basic idea for our solution to enable better communications between unit operators came from the operator we interviewed,” said Ergin Tuganay, Partner and Head of Industry 4.0 at Nortal. He is convinced better communication between factories that are scattered across different locations will improve any enterprise’s business results.

Smooth and sufficient communication will increase efficiency and also make employees more engaged,” Tuganay added.

Tuganay recently led Nortal’s team at the UPM Energy #FlexibleEnergy hackathon. Together with Helen Kokk, User Experience and Service Design Lead, and Hannes Seeberg, Service Strategist, Tuganay convinced the hackathon jury of this vision as well.

“We came prepared,” Seeberg reasoned why they won. Seeberg explained they analyzed the context and business objectives at UPM Energy and conducted interviews with the UPM Energy team during the first day.

Great communication between factories will improve any enterprise’s business results

“The on-site visit at the factory gave us an understanding of the gains and pains of the paper mill employees and we transformed that insight into a strategic roadmap that met the business goals of UPM Energy,” Seeberg said.

“We clearly defined a value proposition for every stakeholder,” added Kokk.

The aim of UPM Energy’s #FlexibleEnergy hackaton was to innovate new technology solutions for energy management, especially in industrial environments. At UPM’s Jämsänkoski paper mill, small teams from different companies built solutions to predefined challenges.

This time there were two categories: how to improve daily energy management operator work with new user interfaces and how to use new analysis tools to extract new insights from production data so that it can be better used in combining production and energy management.

This is not the first time for a Nortal team to successfully participate in hackathons. For example, Neste and Nortal are developing a demo for a cutting-edge sustainability portal for raw material suppliers. Nortal’s team proposed the idea at a Neste hackathon this spring.

Photo credit: Daniel Taipale

Ergin Tuganay

Ergin Tuganay

Partner, Head of Industry 4.0

Ergin Tuganay on Nortalin osakas ja Teollisuus 4.0 johtaja. Hänellä on yli 15 vuoden kokemus useilta teollisen automaation ja dataohjatun teknologian aloilta. Hänen taustassaan yhdistyvät liiketoiminnan kehitys ja johtajuus, ja hän onkin auttanut useita kansainvälisesti toimivia teollisuuden asiakkaita digitalisoimaan valmistusprosessejaan. Erginin salaisia aseita ovat syvällinen...
Helen Kokk

Helen Kokk

Partner and Creative Lead

Helen Kokk, User Experience and Service Design Lead at Nortal, has almost 15 years of experience with user experience and user interface design. She’s passionate about entrepreneurship, branding and identity. Kokk has helped clients rethink their approach to the UI and UX for their services...
Hannes Seeberg

Hannes Seeberg

Hannes Seeberg, Service Strategist at Nortal, has guided several organizations – small and large – over the past 15 years in improving their value propositions, profitability and processes by focusing on Future Thinking and Customer and Employee Experience. Recently, he joined Nortal as Service Strategist...

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