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Nortal signed a cooperation agreement with digital healthcare solutions provider in Germany

by Nortal HQ, November 12, 2018

Multinational strategic change and technology company Nortal signed a cooperation agreement with gevko GmbH, subsidiary of one of the largest health insurance providers in Germany. The goal of the cooperation is to introduce Nortal’s experience in digital healthcare to Germany.

According to Taavi Einaste, head of German operations at Nortal, this cooperation marks an important step for the company in furthering business relationships and strengthening its foothold in Germany.

“Being a subsidiary of AOK, one of the largest health insurance providers in Germany, gevko is one of the most important digitizers in healthcare,” adds Einaste. AOK covers upwards of 25 million people — almost a third of the population of Germany.

Nortal signed a cooperation agreement with gevko GmbH

With extensive experience in digital healthcare, which includes Estonian national health records as well as exporting e-prescriptions to Abu Dhabi, Nortal is tracking German digital healthcare efforts with a keen interest.

According to Einaste, Germany digitizing healthcare opens important opportunities for service providers.

As part of this collaboration, the companies will promote developing, testing and the establishment of digital processes based on the newest technologies, such as HL7 FHIR and blockchain, in healthcare in Germany.

Fast Healthcare Interoperable Resources (FHIR) is one of the draft standards in the HL7 family (Health Level Seven International) and supports the exchange of data between healthcare software systems. Combining the advantages of established HL7 standards with new technologies, the intention is to create an effective and human-readable information exchange.

Taavi Einaste

Taavi Einaste


Taavi Einaste on huipputason ammattilainen, joka vie digitaalisen asiantuntemusta rajojen. Nortalissa Einaste aloitti vuonna 2010, minkä jälkeen hän on työskennellyt lukuisten mittavien hankkeiden ja uudistusten parissa, mukaan lukien kansalliset muutoshankkeet terveydenhuollossa sekä julkisella ja yksityisellä sektorilla. Mikäli haluat kuulla lisää Nortalin digitaalisen muutoksen tarjoamasta Saksassa,...

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