Nortal Finland’s CEO Harri Vepsäläinen in Talouselämä: There’s no room for micromanagement in autonomous teams and organizations

May 17, 2023

Workplace autonomy has been trending over the past few years, but how can it be implemented and what challenges can it bring? Nortal Finland’s CEO Harri Vepsäläinen shares his insights and opinions on this phenomenon in a piece featured in Talouselämä.


In the article, Vepsäläinen stresses how autonomous teams in workplaces requires management to be able to let go and give their employees space to work without supervision or micromanagement.  

“Even if your organization has maybe never been very hierarchical, it’s still a big change that teams and individuals start managing their own work towards common goals“, Vepsäläinen explains.  

In Vepsäläinen’s opinion, autonomy is a disciplined approach in which power, responsibility, and commitment go hand in hand. 

 ”If necessary, you have to be able to step back to avoid chaos”, he says.  

At the end of the day, autonomy is a team effort, it’s not necessarily easy, but it definitely is a promising way to engage employees and increase wellbeing and productivity. 

Read the full article on how workplace autonomy can be implemented in Talouselämä’s piece! 

Harri Vepsäläinen

Harri Vepsäläinen

Toimitusjohtaja, Nortal Oy

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