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Investor blog

Empowering designers leads to better societies

by Nortal HQ, June 5, 2017

Nortal believes better design in products and services leads to a well-functioning society and one way to facilitate such a change is to empower the younger generation.

That is why Nortal’s User Experience Architect Igor Gubaidulin joined an assessment commission this morning at the Design Faculty at Vilnius College of Technologies and Design for the second year in a row. The faculty is one of the leaders in Lithuania in preparing engineering and design practitioners.

”Last year I was really impressed by the students and the quality of their projects,” Gubaidulin said. ”I was sure that Lithuanian design education was stuck somewhere in the Middle Ages, but those students and their projects changed my mind. Today, I’m really happy I can be a part of this process again and see new design miracles just as they are starting out.”

Gubaidulin sees that design has become a game changer around the world and believes there’s a strong need for better designed products and services.

“To achieve great design, you need to effectively invest in design and in the people who work in the design field,” Gubaidulin said. ”Here at Nortal we fully understand this. That’s why we support future professionals by contributing to their education. Their future is our future.”

Nortal not only supports educational institutions, but also reaches out beyond traditional education. This year, we are continuing the tradition of a strong Summer University by welcoming 40 young professionals from across three countries and core professions. That’s more than double the intake last year, and we are also launching strategic partnerships with selected schools and universities later in the year. This is an exceptional program for students in Estonia, Finland and Lithuania who want to pursue a professional career in information technology.